Luera and Lamabati – Free Form Improv!

יוני, 2019

שבת01יונ8:30 pm10:30 pmLuera and Lamabati - Free Form Improv!מופע באנגלית8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

פרטי אירוע

Come and watch an improv dream come true!

Not one of the Lamabatis present at the 2013 Barcelona Improv Festival will ever forget the free-form show played by Will Luera and the rest of Improv Boston.

For the next forty five minutes, they did everything we thought possible and impossible on an improv stage – they were free, flowing, riffing, discovering scenes like passionate mad scientists.

When the show was over and we joined the rest of the audience in a standing ovation, our jaws were dropped, our minds were blown and all we could think of is – "That! We want to do that!"

After five and a half years, we get to play it with the master himself.

We have three and a half weeks to get over the butterflies in our stomachs, all you have to do is get a ticket…

Door opens at 20:30

Show Starts at 21:00

A single ticket price: 70 nis

When purchasing multiple tickets: 60 nis per ticket

Price at the door: 80 nis

for more information call  0542328258



(שבת) 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm


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